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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 2, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is 6:00 and another hot warm summery day. >> we're going to be talking about earl. i'll have the full discussion shortly, not a huge issue but close enough that we have to stay very, very vigilant and in some respects concerned. take a look at the graphics. this is the 54th day of temperatures above 90 this year. we tie a record that goes back to that record to 1988. 91 at lunch. 92 this evening. by this afternoon and this evening we start to get shade clouds and give us a break in that unrelenting heat and sun. of course those shade clouds will be the leading edge of earl. ultimately, though, all good. i'll explain why shortly. don, tack it away. >> don, the rush from sharon. >> not much going on on the
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rush. just a disabled vehicle, the northwest side not causing any delays. there's a look at your drive times and speeds. we're still looking at everything full speed with 11- minute drive times. there's a look at the east side of the beltway. everything looking very nice. looks like a nice snow -- nice sunrise. remember, wjz 13 is always on. you can always log on to we're following several developing stories, including the latest on hurricane earl. we begin with the hostage situation yesterday that ended with the hostage taker's death. we learned more about james lee. wjz and andrea fujii are staying live on the story. good morning once again,
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andrea. >> reporter: good morning. we now know that police were monitoring the gunman's movement inside the discovery channel building. they moved in quickly when they saw the gunman point a gun at a hostage. >> i heard some folks coming from the hallway running toward us telling us there was a gunman in the building. we got down on the floor. we prayed. >> reporter: the first word of trouble came early yesterday afternoon in a last email to discovery channel employees. some said locked in their offices. others ran out on the streets. babies were pulled from the inhouse daycare center has police moved in. >> did everybody get out? >> reporter: the gunman is identified as 43-year-old james lee who rallied against discovery channel for years. a website lee maintained demanding the discovery channel and its other channels, animal
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planet and tlc run better programming. >> wearing what appeared to be metallic cannister devices on his front and back. he also pulled a handgun out. >> reporter: lee took three hostages, holding them for four hours. now we learn police had been monitoring his movements on security cameras. >> they may have heard a gunshot or they may have heard a device detonating. at that point a decision was made that there would be an emergency assault on the lobby of that building. as they were running in the hostages were running out. they engaged the suspect. he was shot and killed. >> we're relieved that ended without any harm to any of our employees. all of our employees are accounted for. >> reporter: the hostages and other witness isn't much of the night at the silver spring
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police station talking to the police and discovery executives. police are looking for other, pleasesives lee may have planted inside. >> they are hoping to open the building today. state senator ulysses currie has been indicted by a federal grand jury. the democrat is charged with bribery, conspiracy, mail fraud and extortion, all allegedly to help the shopper's food warehouse chain. he had been under investigation for two years and was working as a consultant for shoppers. back to hurricane earl, which is a category 4 and is on track to come up the east cost. the governor has already declared a estate of emergency here just in case and 30,000 people have been ordered off hatteras island off the bank of north carolina.
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we have more. >> reporter: good morning. they're not talking about any evacuations here, although, they are prepared if the hurricane track should change. the caribbean has already seen the power of the monster hurricane earl and has it heads closer to ocean city, emergency preparations are on. more than a qeert million people are expected for the labor day weekend. >> we may have to modify access if the rivers are -- rifts are bad. >> reporter: hundreds of swimmers have been rescued here and along the eastern seaboard. >> it reminds me of hawaii or california. i'm not used to seeing waves this high in ocean city. >> reporter: the coast guard is making sure rescue craft are in place and ensuring the inventory at the port of baltimore. >> going out making sure we know where everything is before
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the storm so we can compare this after. >> reporter: bge is also prepared for possible wind damage and baltimore officials are bracing for any impact. >> telling people to do whether they need to do. >> reporter: these preparations are nothing new where leaders and tourists are trying to stay optimistic. >> we would encourage them to continue with their vacation but watch the track of the storm and wait before the event is over before offtravel. >> reporter: you certainly don't want to be driving during the height of the storm. the coast guard have also -- guard is also asking that pool secure priefort boats. >> he will have more to say about that shortly. stay here for the latest for more, go to
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now the scary scene at the u.s. open where a player collapses on the court. she fainted yesterday a half hour into her second round match when the temperature was above 100 degrees but that isn't totally why she collapsed. she said she fell earlier in the day and hit her head. she said she expects to make a full recovery. the orioles look to double up on their win against the boston red sox. the birds are down but i one when he comes to the plate and that puts them ahead 9-5. they win score schor -- 9-6 in the end. this is all part of the team's
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partnership with southwest airlines. >> you know, that story about the u.s. open -- i keep talking about. it if it weren't for the tropics, wood' really be -- take a look at the forecast, concentrating on this in a big way. they are sweltering in new york. yesterday afternoon was brutal. i think we're used to it, the 54th time this year we've gone above 90. imagine. i'm sure she did fall and have a concussion but any human being would have difficulty. i can't plage gin sitting there -- imagine sitting there watching. >> there's no breeze inside that bowl. >> no breeze. we're going for another high above 90 degrees. it's not gist baltimore. this is a northeast coast event. when i say that, i'm not talking about today's weather.
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i'm talking about all summer long. today we tie a record that goes back to 1988. next week we're going to crash it. look. we're just coming up. kids start to school and all of a sudden you have a false end of summer. we still have two and a half weeks of summer before the calendar changes. we know there will be indian summer. we'll break this record. today 93 as the high. this afternoon we get some shade clouds in. that's the good news. the bad news, it's the leading edge of hurricane earl. now the good news behind the bad news, earl's effect on baltimore may not be that dramatic. ocean city may be getting bye- bye the skin of its teeth. i'll have the complete story
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after the break. we'll have more on hurricane earl, tropical storm fiona and tropical storm gaston, which by tuesday will be a cat 2 hurricane. that's cape hatteras, north carolina, awaiting the arrival of earl. beautiful sunrise. let's send it out to mike schuh. take it away, pal. >> reporter: i want to tell you sthi. we are at an antique show. sometimes people thitz of antiques being a couple years old. how about this, 2,000 years hold. you can buy these from now until sunday, a royal goblet. we'll talk about this along with a few other things. we are live from the convention center. please join us.
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71 degrees.
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basically, the same stuff as yesterday morning. winds are from the south, southeast at five. the barometer is 30 inches of mercury. we've been watching the barometer for the past 30 days. this is going to play into our discussion of earl. a few days ago 30.22. yesterday 30.07. the day before 30.20. yesterday 30.20, too. all these temperatures, yeah, warm and stuffy. cumberland, hagerstown, we're on our way to hot temperatures again this afternoon. cumberland in the mid-80s. everyone else mid-90s. 71 columbia. 77 rock all. 75 kent island. the district at 75. okay. so here's this big dloam of high pressure. or's the cloud shield of earl
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making an approach. this is the cold front sitting out to the west. it's a cool dynamic. when you have tropical weather moving your way you have a big blocking high. if the high is going to di min nirks the next best scenario is to bring a frontal system in from the west which will help to stave off that tropical weather. there was not a big frontal system, a change in barometric pressure. that storm may have come inland. it appears to be staying at bay. we'll revisit in a second. today 93. 54th day above not no 66, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, even with earl in close proximity, partly sunny, 88. i can see it getting a bit of a downgrade. the effects inland don't appear to be all that hey nor must. once we get into the weekend no
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change. 79, 80 and 80. tuesday back to 88. wednesday we'll break the record for days above 90 degrees. now when we got our watch, warning and advisory, there will be lousy air. because of the proximity of earl we have a coastal flood watch. i'm going to address the tides on the bay. the western shoarks the eastern show, momentarily. what i want you to notice, we have a hurricane watch up to the cape and delaware. we'll -- it will make a run up the coast. i don't want to diminish its diminishing power. a cat three storm will take an highland and rip it aapartment fortunately, reel will stay offshore. tomorrow morning, 2 a.m. right at cape hatteras, 2 p.m.,
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a pouring out to sea. boy saturday a real problem for eastern long island. they're going to get the brunt of this. let's take a look at the spaghetti models. i want to reset this. i think this is the coolest display we've got. we'll drop in lines representing all of the different computer models. we take what are considered to be the best and most accurate and lay them in on this graphic. we try and see if there's continuity. there's continuity with keeping this storm a bit offshore. still close enough to proximity to cast a weary eye. got a cat 4 storm. look at that. the storm itself is bigger than the state of maryland. okay. it's bigger than the state of maryland. now we got to deal with fiona. fiona will stay a tropical storm, but you'll have these two big issues throwing swells towards the latter part of the labor day holiday weekend.
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you know what happened at ocean city last weekend, the rescues. now we got to talk about gaston, which will be a cat 2 hurricane by tuesday afternoon and in such position it could break either way, out in the gulf or up the east coast. no answer to that right now. do understand we have another threat on the horizon. don, take it away. >> here's sharon at wjz traffic control. >> nothing as interesting, just a disabled vehicle on the northwest side of the beltway. that one is on the shoulder and in the causing delays. we don't have delays. there's a look at your drive times and speeds. there's a look at the beltway. no issues on the top side at did you lain ni value --
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delaney. back over to you. >> back out to mike schuh. >> reporter: hello. we have three wonderful people who got up to talk with us. we're at the largest antique show in the country. it starts today and goes through sunday. mark has traveled all the way from -- >> the uk. >> reporter: which for those who need entar pration, that means england. let's talk about the beads first. these are how old? >> these are 2,000 years old. they're glass and you can take them home and wear them. >> reporter: and those are going for how much? >> around 150. >> the clear goblet was made for who? >> the corporation of liverpool to give a banquet for the
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prince who he became -- >> everyone wants to know the cost. >> about $4,000. >> this is beautiful. >> it's made in the '30, made in belgium and started with a blofnlgt it weighs now about 15 pounds. it would have weighed about 30 pounds before it was cut. >> you come from england why? >> because it's such a large show, such a diversity of people and interesting to meet a new market. it's cheaper for my american clients to see me here than to come to london. >> you won't find it on kindle or the internet. most are out of printed
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reference books on antiques. if you want to know more about baltimore antid furniture in the 19th century, i would be the place to visit. >> it's a one of a kind source. >> yes. i specialize. these are the only books i deal. i have more than 30,000 resources, an educated collector makes a much more educated buyer. >> thank you for coming out. finally, michael, what did you bring with you? >> three examples, this sculpture here done in multicolored glaze, the golden age of china. using the blue glaze we flow specifically this was made for royalty at that time, never been found in the tens of thousands. this is a solid goal bottle inlaid with garnett that was
6:23 am
showing greco roman influence, found in china. >> these are all played for royalty. >> all made for royalty. >> price, price, price. >> the figure with the lady, just under $50,000. the other mid-six figures. the one of a kind gold mon silver vessel from the 13th century is in the low six figures. >> nice. we got to go. you were saying as far as pricing you have everything from -- >> $50 to many millions. >> largest one in the country, opens today, runs through sunday. how much is it to get in? $12 u.s. it's here at the convention center. even if antiques aren't your thing, there are amazing
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things. the showrooms, the convention rooms, just chock full of stuff. that's it from down here. back to you on tv hill. >> big show for baltimore. kudos to visit baltimore and the convention bureau, all those involved in tourism. imagine how many restaurants will be jam packed with just the folks displaying them. by the way, i have a granite countertop i have in the house that's about a billion years hold. what do you think it's worth? >> mid-six figures. those clouds, plus the advanced cloud seed of hurricane earl. if it's going to be a glancing blorks it's going to be right there. dave price will clover that
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starting on -- cover that startingng,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just to come, cape hatteras where the sun is coming up. we'll talk to a reporter who is there. one gunman land three hostages -- and three hostages held up for four hours.
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i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead. and sharon gibala at traffic control. we're pick up our first delay. we'll show you a live look. we're looking at farn farntion anticipating another day sweltering with temperatures and the low to mid- 90s. we are also watching hurricane earl and the spaghetti model keeping it offshore but close enough to still generate some concern. coming up on coffee, how long would you go for a cause. a local father and son team coming up on cof fee. why they're doing this and how they're raising awareness and funds for juvenile diabetes. that's not a simple walk in the park. you stay tuned. the morning edition continues right of a thr this. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is the bottom of the hour. clouds to the south and east. sharon will have the latest on traffic, south and east where earl is way, way off. sharon will have more. >> we're watching earl, fiona and gaston. for the 54th time we're going above 90 degrees. it ties the record set back in 198. if it weren't for those tropical storms, that would be the weather lead. it's a very significant number. it shows the fer ross ti of this late spring and summer, on a by of 93. 92 degrees this evening. finally a few shade clouds coming in. that would be the leading edge of earl's cloud shield. ultimately good news for baltimore. we'll talk about earl and the others coming up shortly. how about the way to work and school.
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here's sharon. it is about that time it's starting to slow down. first, there is a look the your drive times and speeds. they're not middle between 795 and 95. we're down to 4-mile-an-hour. we also have a slight delay on 95. that will be running in the southbound lanes between the beltway and 895. no problems on 83 and war ran road. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save in the long run. back to you. hurricane earl is still hundreds of miles away and it's already cased the state of emergency to be called here just in case. tens of thousands are being reported off hatteras islands off the outer banks of north carolina. we go to our sister station,
6:34 am
wral. >> reporter: it is very breezy this morning all because of hurricane earl creeping up along the carolina coast. you can see earl is creating some very rough surf and choppy waves this morning. as you know, the outer banks is a popular destination. only 3,000 of the 150,000 people are permanent residents. many had to cut their vacations short. hatteras and ocracoke island. the one highway that leads in and out was jam packed with cars yesterday. we may find out if the northern counties will have to evacuate as well. that decision will be made later this morning. of course they have to make that call pretty soon because they have to give people in the area at least 18 hours to evacuate if they make that
6:35 am
call. so we're still waiting for that but we do know that hurricane earl could potentially bring hurricane force winds here, potential flooding. it's already prompting some innovative t-shirts, shall we say. this one is named off the tv show, my name is earl and it's got my name is hurricane earl holding up the red flag. so some people are capitalizing on hurricane fever. we'll see what earl will bring to the outer banks come friday morning. back to you. >> marty will be back to show you how close to cape hatteras earl will come. we invite you to stay with wjz to track the storm and get updates and your own live look at doppler radar. go to an update on the breaking news we followed all yesterday afternoon. a man with a gun storms into
6:36 am
the discovery channel building and take hostages. we continue to work the story tonight and andrea fujii has details. >> reporter: good morning. police have spent all morning looking for explosives that may have been planted inside. >> i heard people running saying there was a gunman in the building. we got to a room, turned off the light and prayed. >> reporter: the news came in a mass email to employees warning a gunman was inside. some employees said locked inside. others ran out on to the street. babies were pulled from the inhouse daycare center. the gunman is identified as 43- year-old james lee who had rallied against the discovery
6:37 am
channel for years and was arrested in 2008 for a protest. leap maintained that discovery channel and animal planet and tlc run better programming on population growth, global warming and the economy. >> wearing what appeared to be metallic can ter devices on his front and back and was waving a handgun. >> reporter: lee took three hostages, holding them for four hours. now we learn that police had been monitoring his movement on security camera. >> they may have heard a gunshot or they may have heard a device detonating. at that intera decision was maid that there would be an emergency assault on the lobby of that building. as they were running in, the hostages were running out. they enengaged the suspect. he was shot and killed. >> we're relieved that ended without any harm to our
6:38 am
employees. >> reporter: the hostages and other witnesses isn't much of the night at the silver spring police station, talking to officers and discovery executives. now police say lee fired at least one gunshot when he entarred the building yesterday afternoon but three do believe they -- he was acting alone. >> not one of 1900 people who work in the building was hurt. jury selection begins in the trial of the murder of ken harris. the three are accused of killing him. mcgainy's lawyers argued thatted was obtained under false pretenses, but the judge ruled it will be allowed at the trial. the birds got off to a pretty good beginning. two runs. the o's would build a lead but
6:39 am
then a 3-run homer would put things out of reach for the o's. then morgan is hit by a pitch. you see he charges the monde, punching the pitch are. the marlins threw at morgan. five players and the manager were ejected. the marlins won the game 16-10. >> well, you know, there's a train of thought. you got to protect your team. frankly, if i were the manager, i would have fined the pitcher. put it receipt in -- right in his tush. it happened later on.
6:40 am
there you go. that was one of the better baseball punches. you have to go to nolan bryan, when that guy charged nolan ryan and he face planted him. next stop is wwe. coming up on coffee, we got a really interesting story. a father and son team are trying to raise awareness and money for juvenile diabetes. matthew, on the right, is one of the top kidney docs on the planet, diabetes and its e fact. they're doing kilimanjaro. kill man jar row is --
6:41 am
kilimanjaro is no easy walk. that's coming up shortly. we do a web extra where matthew discusses how desalted diabetes is being -- adult diabetes is being seen in juveniles. it's a shocking development along the lines of a sedentary society. >> how about that. sharon's got wjz traffic control. record tying heat, a hurricane and the tropical effects on maryland. everything you need to know. we'll answer all those questions coming up shortly. ,,,
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[ female announcer ] new real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit, as in strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ right now is it's 71. 1% humidity -- 81% humidity. barometer is 30 inches of mercury. we've been watching the barometer slowly but surely
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fall. yesterday 30.07. now to 30 inches of mercury. right now we got to talk go temperatures and how the majority of everyone on these two displays are going to see a record tying above 90 degrees. 75 in d.c., annapolis and kent island. almost 80 in rock hall, maryland. it tie has record that goes back to 1988. i guarantee it next week we'll crash that record. i guarantee it if you look at these 54 days, the bulk of them will be actual or heat indexes above 95 degrees. now let's talk about earl, the same area of high pressure that acted as a heat pump is, at this point, starting to diminish in its intensity.
6:46 am
that would under a normal circumstance allow earl to bore inland a bit. but when you have high diminishing and tropical weather, the next is to have a system dive towards the region. that will help stave off potential problems. that is happening. all the pieces are falling in place in baltimore and hopefully along the coast to keep a cat 400 from causing any huge damage. 93 degrees will be the high this date. clouds this afternoon and tonight, that will be the cloud shield from earl. tomorrow it's going to be a partly sunny day in baltimore, a high of 88 degrees. it's not like as far as this forecast goes we're getting a tremendous effect from earl. no matter what happens, we'll cool down as earl passes down to the northeast with sunshine and average temperatures saturday through monday. by tuesday sunshine, back to 88 degrees by wednesday. 90 and there's a new record.
6:47 am
we have poor air quality in the area of the state. we also have a coastal flood watch. i'll get to that in a second because of earl. hurricane watch is in effect as far north as cape, and it's still staying a decent amount, a decent way offshore. here's a close-up look. 2 a.m. tomorrow over hatteras. 2 people a beam of ocean city. saturday long gone and a prb almost for income. here's the spaghetti model. most of these are keeping reel offshore. every one of these lines represent a come thr model and they're starting to agree. there's a lot of concern. we're getting a lot of email about this and justly so today as reel makes an approach it will be southerly winds.
6:48 am
by tomorrow with earl north and either, a northerly wind causes an outflow and we lose that tide out of the bay. now we need to talk about tropical storm fiona. fiona will stay out in the center of the ocean, but with earl and fiona northeast of the coast, we'll have swells move in possible problems with rip tides. if that's not enough, we have gaston, which by tuesday will be a cat 2 hurricane and we we have a lot on our plate. along come sharn from wjz traffic control. >> good morning. still not too much going on, just a few minor problems. first we have debris in glenwood. apparently some gravel in the road there otherwise, watch for delays forming between, just approaching ballet battle and
6:49 am
895. that will set you back four minutes. there's a look at your average seats -- speeds. 44 miles an hour on the bottom. there is a look at the west side at old port road. there is look at 95 and that delay just north of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save in the long run. back to you. this morning's coffee is with dr. matthew wear and his son ryan. ryan is to my immediate right. to the far right, matthew. it's great to have you here. the audience knows this is the day you're starting your assault on kilimanjaro. i want to start with you. i don't know if the audience
6:50 am
knows this, you are a world renown doctor. >> i don't know about world renown. i take pride in my practice. for the past many years a vast majority of my patients have diabetes. i take care of the and stage, people who have kidney disease, blindness, amputations and people who we do kidney and pancreas transplants on. >> it's going to -- it's not like cleeming everest -- climbing everest, are they going to give outstrength to to do this. are you going to see patients in your mind? >> many patients have contacted me already. many have sent me emails.
6:51 am
are you having a mid-life crisis. what happens if something happens to you. many of them email me every day just to go over medical issues and questions. hopefully, i will be able to stay in contact. so we'll see. >> i think there's twisting involved. i came up with this after dog several marathons. i wanted something more challenging and i saw this right around new year's. i was looking at something new, and i was like this would be a great opportunity and mentioned it to him. >> we should point out, you're in good physical shape. you stay active. we ryan mentioned it to you, did it go in within ear and out the other? >> i'll be honest. i visited kilimanjaro, didn't
6:52 am
climb it. 30 years, a good friend of mine from medical school. i always thought about it. i've been running daily for over 35 years. my son picked that habit up. now he's running on a regular bay sissments i thought, well, is this a bucket list opportunity, morgan freeman, jack nicholson were going through my mind. i thought realistically is this something we can accomplish. i put down my nonrefundable depos sift and we -- deposit and we're off. >> there's something to be said about having a goal and going on a father-son bonding adventure. i mean, it's not a bad thing.
6:53 am
>> this is an adventure. to live with my son in texas is an adventure, too. >> we won't have much access to wart or bathing. the two of us will be dealing with each other quite a bit. >> there's a show on discovery, about two guys having to survive in the wilderness. are you opposite enough that this could be interesting or are you on the same page on everything. >> i don't know if we'll have our own series, but i will say this will be interesting. ,,,,,,
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take a look at the forecast. a high of neat 93. now sharon gibala. >> just some debris to watch for in howard county at cattail creek. delays between the beltway and 895. same goes for of the west and the top side. it's running from approaching the beltway to 895. that will set you back five minutes. no problems on the harrisburg
6:57 am
expressway at warren road. this traffic report is brought to you by loyola unun,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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